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Cherry and Kalamata Olive Jam x FeGH x matali cresset

Cherry and Kalamata Olive Jam x FeGH x matali cresset

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The avant-garde is to take the public as far as possible while providing them with a taste satisfaction they had no idea they had.

It's done with CERISE-KALAMATA, a slightly crazy flavour found by FeGH.

Discover the singular marriage of a fleshy bigarreau cherry and a large racy olive from Kalamata in Greece.

A nonsense at first sight? More like a revelation when you taste it. And a real headache to make: delicate pitting of the cherries by hand one by one to keep the pulp whole, slicing of the Kalamata olives into julienne strips: this candied Christmas condiment deserved a priesthood.

As for the jar that is not quite like the others, we decided to call on matali crasset who has revisited the iconic jar with a delicate gradation allowing, for the first time, a glimpse of jam in a thin transparent space.

Weight: 250g

Ingredients: cherry, cranberry juice, cane sugar, kalamata olive, lemon, citrus pectin

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