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Confiture Parisienne

Chestnut, Pear and Tonka Bean jam

Chestnut, Pear and Tonka Bean jam

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The jam that makes you regret not being in Autumn on the banks of the Seine.

Here is a jam with Indian summer flavors. All in halftones and subtle granulation. The chestnut flour delicately, the pear refreshes with flavor, the Tonka bean comes to play the daughter of the sun. It is a jam to be enjoyed with a plaid on an old red leather bench in the alleys of Versailles in the company of the ghost of Marie-Antoinette. You can also eat it in an attic while listening to the rain falling on the zinc.
Weight: 250g

Ingredients: Small pieces of chestnut, refreshing pear, unrefined cane sugar, Tonka bean and a little lemon.

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