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White Mausu Ltd

Peanut Rayu Sauce

Peanut Rayu Sauce

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Enjoy the flavours of Japan, China and Korea, by way of Dublin, with our signature ‘craic sauce’. Peanuts, sesame, chilli: a perfect trifecta of taste. A dollop of this umami goodness gives life to stir-fries, it’s an egg’s best friend, and the backbone the avocado never knew it was missing. Just try finding something it doesn’t go with! Ingredients: Peanuts, Korean chilli flakes, Sesame seeds, Crispy garlic, Agave, Tamari, Sunflower oil, Salt

11/10/23 : Please be aware that due to recent high demand of this condiment of the gods, there may be a 2-3 day delay while we await new stock.

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